by The Sign of Four

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released January 22, 2015



all rights reserved


The Sign of Four Newcastle, Australia

Heavy Groove/Death from Newcastle, Australia

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Track Name: Grey
I'm not comfortable in my own skin.
My fucking chest is caving in.
All I see is death and it is always on my mind.
I try to escape it but I can't fucking hide.
This guilt will last forever.
My wrists I'll fucking severe.
No lies, just a gun and a noose.
If I could I'd fucking kill you.
You're waiting for a chance to say.
Everything you loved has fucking moved away.
They left you for dead, like I'm your only friend.
They only want your blood, not an ounce of respect.
Fuck it.
I changed my mind too many times.
You want to die? How about to cut off all of your ties.
You're just a ghost on my fucking head.
A memory that I'd rather forget.
No one will ever remember.
And I won't fucking be here forever.
You're just a burden on my mind.
We're staring death in the eyes.
Track Name: Serpentine
I don't fucking know you.
You want to kill me? You know where to find me.
There's no love, just the knife you left behind me.
Lodged in my back, you wanted me to bleed to death.
If you have an intention to kill, I'll cut off your fucking head.
I never knew you.
If drugs numbed the mistakes we made and gave back the life you took away from me. Maybe then I wouldn't hesitate to stick the needle in your arm so you could die in a lonely grave.
You won't rest in peace.
You will be forgotten.
On your deathbed, you won't sleep.
You can fucking bow down to me.
You wanted me to meet an end.
It's no me but the drugs you depend on, cunt.
Track Name: Deathless
Our time is a waste.
I feel you but I feel so ashamed.
I couldn't keep it together for one fucking day.
You can't tell me you don't feel the same.
Your lips are venom that numb my mind.
My conscious is blind, I'm paralyzed.
Open your mouth but don't open your eyes.
Don't fucking look at me just swallow your pride
All I had was fucking faith but cunts like you can be replaced.
From this noose I call home.
I watch the sunset from my throne.
Now you see me fade away as my body decays. (to waste)
No more, follow my footsteps.
I'm not the person I was.
I've changed my life for a cunt.
Follow me into the dark.
Just follow me until I'm done.
You wasted every breath.
I'm listening not giving in.
Walk to the fucking top stare at the footpath and jump off.
Am I not fucking good enough?
Someone put a bullet in my head.
Put a fucking bullet in my head.
You mother fuckers don't understand.
Just fucking kill me I want to be dead.
All I had was fucking faith but cunts like you.
Cunts like you should be erased.
Track Name: Faux Pas
Every breath, every thought, every word.
I'm not sure how much this will hurt.
I promise you that I want you dead.
Torture that never fucking ends.
Shut up, keep your fucking head down.
Close your mouth, don't make a fucking sound.
Nothing mattered to you.
You're fucking shattered and used.
Your death is my fucking muse.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
The lies you spit in my fucking face.
They linger in my head everyday.
Your eyes are rolling in the back of your skull.
My acquaintance is death, I hope to get he gets a hold of you.
Get out of my head.
Take your claws out, all I think of is regret.
Get out of my fucking head.
Tell me what the fuck is wrong with you.
Track Name: Vermin
I have never felt better.