New Blood​/​/​Spector

by The Sign of Four

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released February 28, 2015

Scott Jones - Bass
Jarred Matthews - Drums
Lloyd Jarrett - Guitars
Danny Munoz - Vocals

Engineered and Mixed by Mitta Norath at Tommirock Studios 2014, Mastered by Chris Bauer



all rights reserved


The Sign of Four Newcastle, Australia

Heavy Groove/Death from Newcastle, Australia

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Track Name: New blood (Ft. Brodie Paul of Blind oracle)
No one will ever see my face again.
I drowned in blood just to get it out of my head.
Every step I take is just another foot I dig for my grave.
Ten feet and counting, I'm digging every fucking day.
Don't tell me you know what I'm thinking.
I don't even know myself how can anyone tell?
Inside I struggle to find another reason to even go on alive.
If you could have one wish, how would you want to die?
The fucking problem is your life.
You can't say I never fucking tried.
I've made up my mind.
With what I've seen through my eyes.
Every time you fucking lied.
I swear each time, a little more, I fucking died.
I know who you are, your lies can only get you so far.
You've broken every last bit of my trust.
I hope you die you cunt.
Paint the walls with your blood.
Cut every vein you worthless fuck.
You're not perfection.
You're just a fucking joke.
No one will ever love you.
No one will ever give a fuck.
Track Name: Spector
You are just like me.
You did everything I did when I couldn't find a reason to believe.
A silhouette figure moving on my walls.
An eye for an eye, I'll use your skin as the rug on my floor.
You make my skin crawl.
Like an ant in my flesh eating my body from the inside out.
Do you remember anything you have done?
You had your chance, your fucking delusions got the best of the worst of us.
I am not a spawn of your bloodline.
I will burn, I will die.
I'm not scared you won't see me cry.
With a gun to my head, not a tear in my eye.
I swear I'm haunted by the guilt of everything in my life.
When it's dead it doesn't hurt.
When you find out what's been missing you will probably want it first.
I lost a part of me and now I can never make this work.
There's not hope for us, it's something you'll soon fucking learn.
We all give up on the things that are the hardest to keep.
How long will it take you to give up on me?
I saw it in your eyes the day we met you knew that I'd die.
I have no respect for this fucking life.
So slay the people that have crossed me, cut off their heads.
I don't want to see a single fucking bit of them left.
This is what you get.
Now do you feel the regret?
You fucking piece of shit, I hope you're drowning in it.
Do you feel the fucking regret?
You fucking piece of shit I hope you're drowning in it.
I just want to be the best I can.
But I will never be the same again.